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Danielle Wecksler
Danielle WeckslerPrincipal

Danielle Wecksler is a creative and energetic business leader with over twenty years of experience managing high profile projects in the culinary, retail, and IT industries. She has particular expertise in launching new ventures and projects with challenging requirements, timelines, and budgets.

At Plateful Solutions, she blends the unique traits of being a foodie, a project manager, and a geek.  She specializes in the digital marketing and business solutions side of the business. Given that she has both a food and tech background, Danielle is able to create unique and original content for brands that can be applied across all digital channels. She is an expert in digital strategies, and can translate complex concepts into business results.

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Jessica O'Neal
Jessica O'Neal

Jessica is an innovative culinarian with over ten years experience in catering, entertaining, and as a personal chef. She has vast knowledge in a variety of foods and cuisines.  Jessica has particular expertise in recipe development and testing, plating and presentation, and social media management.

At Plateful Solutions, she brings her sophisticated palate and analytical, oftentimes witty, style to the culinary aspect of the business. She has literally written over a thousand recipes, and has the ability to quickly hone in on exactly what people want to eat and when. Given her experience running her own business, Jessica is an expert in social media management and strategy, and can find the perfect channels to deliver your culinary brand message.

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